I let my words drip into the water. I hope it does not spit them back. My words are slippery wet and will not be set in stone. I am collecting stories about border crossings at sea, I am exploring those spaces where mapping ends and the water starts. Because too much gets lost, out on the water. My current writing is as fragmented as my sources, overwhelmed by floods of information. To traverse this textual sea, I am building a boat. I am building a boat and I will take people out to drift with me amongst my collected fragments, an archive in flux, the iterations inscribing paths through my database.

My textual sea is lapping at its referential mainland - the secondary sources from which I draw, which includes anything from news articles, the writing of Elfriede Jelinek, posts on my facebook timeline, scholarly research on postmodern, electronic literature, performance writing and media archaeology.

I am sifting through our archives; trying to make sense of it.

I am looking for whispers, fishing for stories.

Paula Kolar