Teddy painting (2021)

I woke up like this (2022)
pink dye, clear bin bags, fan

Untitled (2021)
Mum's Car, bin bags, USB fans

Gummy chains (2021)
PVC, glitter, rainbow dyed water, valves

Organised Religion for Ducks (2021)

Stairs (2021)
MDF, dried mushrooms, soap, broken glasses, beads, hessian, plaster, studio dust, sponge, Elliot’s Christmas soap (since returned), tiles, broken porcelain duck, 1 feather, resin, dried flower, screws, candles, wig, metal candlestick holder, unicorn stickers, clay, mouldy pumpkin, hot glue, microwaved soap, gold chain, decoupage teddy, jars, cuticle brush

Bath (2021)
MDF, tiles, grout, pink dye, water, copper, glasses, resin ducks and limes, window panels, pink chalk

Green Vitrine (2021)
perspex, plaster, barbie nails, fluorescent green dyed water, bin bags, alphabet beads, tea lights, soil, wood

Sand Witch (2022)
bread, jam, peanut butter, knives

It's Not Easy Being Green (2021)
concrete, unicorn stickers, grass, soil


Liz Davies

Liz Davies is a spore. She scavenges hoards of objects and materials from the woods, skips, unwilling housemates, and the discount bins of charity shops. She combines the bucolic and the industrial, uncarefully considering the flux of object/story, finding joy in disappointment, uselessness over utility, and silliness over substance. Her work is about crappy makeovers, y2k, Yassification and the excess. She disperses slowly and steadily, resulting in at least 5 yearly emails regarding blocked fire exits, a leaky bath, and mouldy bread.