Charlotte Nason

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CHARLOTTE NASON is an artist whose practice operates as a metonymic enquiry into a psychological space. Through moving image, drawing and audio recordings, her work seeks to sound the kinematics and operative potential of an echo, and note towards its patterning and affective capacity as acoustic phenomena and textural device. Charlotte considers the echo as a medium of fluctuating reverberations, enveloping reflections, chance encounters and intensive instances: a composition that riffs through structure and space. She explores its fractal repetitions in relation to rhyme, allusion, burr seeds, bells, the swimming sequences of Manta Rays, and small multiples in quantitative data. Drawing from psychoanalytic literature and computing, she seeks to signal toward a pulse and frequency from the locale of the personal, and consider the notion of practice and the still, as echoes.

portrait of the artist with blue cloud background