Jamie Brash
8 small sculptures on concrete floorlong concrete sculpture on concrete floorclose up image of sculpture with yellow partsbrown and grey sculpture on floor infant of white wallclose up image of pattern on concrete
Alice Wade
Video of a drone crashing into a mirror in a dance studio and chasing another drone in a green park.Image of a black drone flying in the sky against a green natural landscape.Image of a drone on the floor of a mirror box. The image of the drone is reflected endlessly.Image of a drone reflected in a window, looking at a security camera.Video of a girl cycling in a circle on an empty street, captured on a live webcam.
Willow Senior
Gloved hands holding painting of a landscape and house in black and whiteBlack and white dining table set with glassware and silver cutleryA cake with a slice cut out, on green leafed plate with red and white chequered backgroundGloved hands holding painting of the inside of a house with a table overlooking a landscape with a house in the background, black and whiteblack and white flower arrangement on dining table
Ezra Allen
Image on paperImage on paperImage on paperImage on paperImage on paper